Crickets live inside and outside your home. They are green, brown or black and can be up to 1½ inches long. Crickets have long antennas that stretch the length of their bodies. They have long hind legs used to jump great distances; they can also fly. Their mobility makes them difficult to control. Male crickets make a loud, distinct chirping sound by rubbing together parts of their front wing.


Outside of the home, Crickets chew holes in plants and leaves. In fall, Crickets often move indoors, seeking shelter, food and moisture. Once indoors, they will feed on clothes, houseplants, food and other materials that contain moisture.


Crickets are found throughout the United States.

Similar or Related Pests

Grasshoppers, Roaches, Katydids

Cultural Solutions

  • Keep your home, yard and garden sanitary.
  • Keep areas of the home clean and food-free, including pet food.
  • Patch cracks in windows and doors.