Lace Bugs

Lace Bugs are small insects, about 1/8 inch long at maturity, that have transparent, vein-covered wings that fold flat over their bodies. The delicate wings give the appearance of "lace." Immature Lace Bugs are dark-colored, wingless and have prominent spines.


Lace Bugs damage plants by feeding on the underside of leaves, sucking the sap and leaves. This results in pale stippling (dot patterns) and bleaching on the leaf surface. Lace Bugs can also be identified by the presence of their dark, shiny droppings, which collects on plants and the ground underneath the plant.

Lace Bugs are often "named" for the host plant they feed on; while azaleas are common hosts, they also favor many ornamental shrubs and trees, and even avocados.


Lace Bugs are found throughout the United States.

Similar or Related Pests

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