Palmetto Weevils

The Palmetto Weevil is the largest Weevil in North America, growing up to 1-1/4 inches long. Adults vary in color from solid black, to black with red patterns, to almost entirely red.


Palmetto Weevils infest palms when females deposit their eggs at the base of new leaves. The legless, cream to yellow Grubs then feed on the crown or growing point of the palm, causing the newest leaves to droop and the crown to rot and collapse. By the time the Grubs mature, the damage to the tree will be visible, but by then it is usually too late for the plant. A Palmetto Weevil's life cycle from egg to adult is about 84 days.


The Palmetto Weevil can be found throughout Florida, as far west as southern Texas and as far north as South Carolina. It is North America's largest Weevil.

Cultural Solutions

  • When planting new palms, choose healthy trees well adapted to the local climate.