Ten Reasons to Install Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation, or low volume irrigation as it is sometimes referred to, is one of the most effective ways to water plants. Everything you need to install a system is sold in nurseries, garden centers and specialty irrigation stores. Here are ten great reasons you should install a drip system:


Healthier plants. Water applied slowly allows for better soil aeration and healthier root growth.


Prevent disease. Drip systems keep foliage dry and help reduce diseases like blackspot and rust.


Conserve water. Water is applied slowly and directly to the root zone without wasteful runoff or wetting unplanted areas. Where droughts are common, drip irrigation is the watering method of choice.


Reduce weeds. Keeping unplanted areas dry means fewer weeds.


Save money. Using less water means spending less on water bills.


Save Time.  Drip systems are easily connected to automatic controllers, soil moisture sensors and rain shutoffs, so they can work efficiently even when you are on vacation or can’t make adjustments.


Easy installation. There are many types of “drip systems”, including ones that use individual drip emitters, micro-sprinklers and in-line emitters (permanently installed at regular spacing in poly tubing). They can be used anywhere from landscaped areas to vegetable gardens, flower beds and pots, to mature trees. Installation takes no plumbing expertise and most manufacturers provide easy-to use instructions that allow you to choose and install just the right system for your garden.


Easily adjustable.  Emitters and micro-sprinklers come with varying application rates, so you can easily install or change equipment to precisely meet your plant’s watering needs. As plants get larger, or as you add to plantings, you can also add addition emitters or ones that apply more or less water. You can even buy kits to retrofit standard sprinklers into drip systems.


Feed while you water. Fertilizer injectors can be easily installed with most drip systems so you can feed plants while you irrigate.  You’ll also save money because the nutrients are applied directly to the root zone without waste or leaching.


Erosion Prevention. Drip systems are ideal for slopes where normal sprinklers would apply too much water too fast and wash away soil.