Kudzu is a woody, perennial vine that is incredibly invasive and very difficult to control. It is a climbing weed that can grow at an accelerated rate—up to 60 feet per year. It has brown, hairy stems and green, 3- to 10-inch-long leaves divided into three leaflets that are sometimes lobed and usually hairy underneath. Small, reddish-purple flowers bloom in summer and are fragrant.

Kudzu can quickly overgrow desirable plants, shading them out and eventually killing them. It often grows in areas with high sun exposure, on the edge of habitats, but it can survive with partial sun.


Kudzu is located in the Southern United States.

Related or Similar Plants

Honeysuckle, Bindweed, Scotch Broom and other woody weeds

Cultural Solutions

  • Cutting, mowing, burning or grazing may help control Kudzu.